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Unify and merge fragmented data sources in a Proprietary Data Stack. In order to tie data sources together, users need a system to unite them, and that is exactly what our Proprietary Data Stacks do better than any other technology.

Proprietary Data Stacks incorporate our Unified Data Platform Connect, Detect, and Archive tools for unifying data. They rely on our Unified Data Optic dashboard to help users visualize their activity and their unified data.




Key Components of your Zantaz Unified Governance Suite




  • Capture and preserve content from a variety of enterprise channels through our data capture capabilities, with full context preservation for retention and eDiscovery


  • Anything to anywhere agnostic framework enables enterprises to orchestrate and manage their data mobility and applications from a single user interface


  • Connect to any form of structured or semi-structured data and transform the data into a format acceptable for long-term preservation.


  • Connect to unlimited data sources and communication channels


  • Capture any enterprise messaging or data channel and preserve it in the destination of your choice.


  • orchestrate and manage the movement of your data from a single UI.



  • Ingest data from antiquated or complex structured repositories and transform it into readable and acceptable formats for preservation in modern systems.


  • Identifies sensitive data in your enterprise estate across various locations, file types, and unstructured repositories

  • Catalogs your data assets and maps your data flow to automate compliance data retention policies.

  • Enforces data sovereignty through geo-dispersion

  • Maintains a security posture by assigning data subject access requests to sensitive information and repositories.

  • Data classification taxonomies to manage sensitive information by building customizable data profiles.

  • Conducts a fast, petabyte-scale metadata analysis to ascertain the ownership, utilization, age, redundancy, and other critical criteria to identify data that can be moved or deleted.

  • The built-in data profiles cover a variety of data privacy laws and criteria, to help organizations identify data under data subject access requests and help automate subject rights fulfillment.


  • Enterprise Archive Solution [EAS] delivers a unified archive repository to compliantly and intelligently preserve data generated from the enterprise.

  • Full data orchestration and geo-dispersion, managed, administered, and discovered through a single UI.

  • EAS can be deployed on-premise or/and in ANY cloud environment [hosted in our private cloud, your private cloud, third party clouds your organization leverages], or all at the same time with an adaptive model.

  • Rapid eDiscovery across all of your enterprise messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications. 

  • A suite of applications which empower end-users to perform a rapid search across mailboxes through multiple access points


At Zantaz EAS we are customer-centric and focused

Our customer experience and service are at the core of what we do, aligned with our goal is to have our product suite and data stack driven by our loyal customer community.



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