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Deep dive into your data for a complete data classification and comprehensive understanding of its origin, lineage, makeup, value, and potential risk – interact and take action based on your valuable insights.

Zantaz Detect

Enterprises are oversaturated with data, and over 50% of their estate is dark data, making it difficult to determine what data they have, why they are retaining it, what their sensitivity is, and how to utilize it best. Zantaz Detect delivers answers to these questions and simplifies enterprise data management by remediating data stores, optimizing data storage costs, and identifying sensitive content for proper preservation and security.

Wrangle sensitive data

Sensitive Data Classification Management

Zantaz Detect allows you to identify sensitive data in your enterprise estate across various locations, file types, and unstructured repositories. Catalog your data assets and map your data flow to automate compliance data retention policies, enforce data sovereignty through geo-dispersion, and maintain a security posture by assigning data subject access requests to sensitive information and repositories. Your organization can apply data classification taxonomies to manage sensitive information by building customizable data profiles.

Save money and strengthen compliance posture

Datastore Remediation and Footprint Reduction

​Conduct fast, petabyte-scale metadata analysis to ascertain the ownership, utilization, age, redundancy, and other critical criteria to identify data that can be moved or deleted. Eliminating old, redundant, and irrelevant dark data is a foundational exercise to improve enterprise data quality, achieve financial benefit through storage and compute savings, and enforce your organization's security strategy.

Make subject rights response easy

Data Subject Right Request Fulfillment

Data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA/CPRA have empowered consumers to control their privacy with personal data, placing a high degree of scrutiny on enterprises to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data they collect and process. With built-in data profiles for covering a variety of data privacy laws and criteria, we help your organization identify data under data subject access requests and help automate your subject rights fulfillment.

Shine a light on dark data 

Dark Data Discovery

Zantaz Detect provides remediation and governance to your data, and a rich search client delivers fast access to your unstructured data. Data can be culled using boolean expressions and packaged into collections for further upstream analysis or delivery to external counsel.

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