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Connect to data from any source and send to any destination - with our anything to anywhere agnostic framework. We help organizations connect and capture from any source and send data to any destination with our anything to anywhere connector framework.


Zantaz Connect provides an easy-to-use connector framework for quick and seamless connection and capture of data generated from the abundant sources your organization leverages today.


  • Connect to unlimited data sources and communication channels with Zantaz Connect's extensive plugin, and API paradigm.

  • Capture any enterprise messaging or data channel and preserve it in the destination of your choice to comply with legal and regulatory retention requirements.

  • Revolutionize your digital transformation and cloud adoption initiatives by orchestrating and managing the movement of your data from a single UI.

  • Use Connect to ingest data from antiquated or complex structured repositories and transform this data into readable and acceptable formats for preservation into modern systems.

Content Capture

Capture and preserve content from a variety of enterprise cahnnels with full context preservation for retention and eDiscovery. Todays digital workplace supports a plethora of communication channels generating data required for regulatroy preservation and legal eDiscovery. Gain control of your mobile, social, IM & collaboration, video and voice tools used today.

Data Mobility

Every enterprise transformation program experiences the pains of moving applications and data. Thankfully, Zantaz Connect mobilizes data at the source and prepares it for secure shipment to its new home, eliminating the aches and pains of moving. With our anything to anywhere agnostic framework enterprises are able to orchestrate and manage the movement of data and applications from a single user interface. Manage your digital transformation programs from start to finish through Zantaz Connect.

Data Transformation

Extracting data from legacy applications required for long-term digital preservation slows down or even halts digital transformation programs. With dated or non-existent APIs, data within these applications is hard to connect to, extract, and transform into a format acceptable for preservation. The Zantaz Connect data transformation engine paves the way on the digital transformation highway by connecting to any form of structured or semi-structured data and transforming the data into a format acceptable for long-term preservation.


Connect offers enterprises undergoing digital transformation, data consolidation, cloud adopiton projects [and more], the abiltiy to orchestrate and manage the movement of your data within a single application. With full control of your enteprise data, the beneftits and opportunties of Zantaz Connect are endless.


Gain control of your enterprise data today by scheduling a demo of Zantaz Connect


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Sandy Srping Bank

Sandy Spring Bank - capturing Skype for Business and Teams data for compliance

Image by Austin Distel
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Signal Energy

Signal Energy consolidating MS Teams Tenants.


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