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As the world’s premier archivists our mission is to enable our customers to maximize the value and utilization of their data through our Connect, Detect, and Archive technologies.


Zantaz EAS is the world’s premier enterprise data management company.

As an independently owned and operated company of the UGA Capital Ventures portfolio, Zantaz EAS is a new fully integrated technology company that possesses a rich and remarkable history as Capax Discovery LLC.  Over the past several years, the foundation of Zantaz EAS has been laid by the partners of UGA Capital Ventures through their license, build, and acquire model to create incredible value as the world's premier data archiving provider.

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Introducing the new Zantaz EAS Data Stack

Previously called Enterprise Archive Solution, EAS was originally developed by EDUCOM TS, Inc., an Ottawa-based software development firm. The first release of EAS occurred on March 15, 2000. And on January 1, 2022, Zantaz EAS proudly introduced our new flagship Zantaz EAS Data Stack, featuring our market-leading Connect, Detect, and Archive technologies. 
Today's data archiving is no longer just simply about unstructured data storage. Every company, every organization, and every government is relentlessly creating massive amounts of structured, unstructured, and dark data that needs to be connected, analyzed, archived, secured, managed, and utilized. That means that Zantaz EAS and our suite of applications and services are required more than ever.  

What We Do

Connect. Detect. Archive.

​We are Data Archivists

As data archivists, Zantaz EAS has redefined data archiving by seamlessly deploying our proprietary Connect, Detect, and Archive technologies in our new Zantaz EAS Data Stack.  Developed by PremCloud Resources, our new Zantaz EAS Data Stack unifies and manages structured, unstructured, and dark data as a valuable resource to unlock its full potential for our customers.  Armed with our proprietary Zantaz EAS Data Stack [technically the best and most complete archiving solution available], Zantaz EAS remains the premier data archivist in the world. 

The Zantaz Data Stack is a next-generation state-of-the-art enterprise data management solution that has been built from the foundation of the world’s most successful archiving solution, EAS.  The Zantaz Data Stack brings new life to data archiving by marrying our world-class EAS archiving solution with two remarkable new technologies.  Zantaz Connect and Detect to provide a comprehensive next-generation enterprise data management experience. 

Our Zantaz Data Stack fully enables critical data archive, compliance, governance, and maximum utilization of all data resources. 

Zantaz EAS Key Teaming Partner Resources

UGA Capital Ventures - Investment, funding, vision. PremCloud Resources - Proprietary IP development, professional services, and delivery support. Advantage Global Resources - Complete administrative, HR, legal, design, and accounting/tax support.


Zantaz EAS Data Stack

The new Zantaz Data Stack speaks directly to the strategic versatility of our data archiving alternatives along with the appropriate data solutions we provide our customers. The Zantaz EAS Unified Data Stack offers our customers the most advantageous management of their data based on a number of criteria specific to each engagement.


​We are Data Archivists

The Zantaz Data Stack makes it easy for enterprises to save time and money managing data by connecting all data sources to a common location, detecting what data is useful and worth keeping (or what is not and can be deleted) via search and analytics, and achieve 100% storage cost optimization and data compliance by archiving relevant or required data for their desired business utility.  

The Zantaz Data Stack can remedy any data challenge a customer faces, no matter whether the customer’s applications live on-premises, in the cloud, or if a customer is in the midst of data center transformation.  As customers mature into their cloud computing experiences, they continue to launch more applications and integrated systems, which create even more data.  Cloud service providers are incentivized to charge for storage as they attempt to handle this data explosion themselves, and the burden of storage cost (which CSPs have temporarily assumed to get customers into the cloud) will once again shift back to the customer…except for those savvy organizations who escape this looming technical debt by placing cloud data management practices at the core of their modern IT strategy.  

What are the components of the Zantaz Data Stack?

The Zantaz Data Stack is a concentrically integrated platform that activates all of your corporate data to form a unified, sustainable, and regulatory-aligned information governance fabric.  It is built on three seamlessly interconnected technologies for data connectivity, intelligent analytics, and active governance, and it allows organizations to unlock all of their data assets and transform how they manage their information estate and data assets.

The Zantaz Data Stack is already transforming the way in which some of the world’s largest organizations manage their data management and governance model. 


  • Connect delivers universal data interoperability and allows you to bring all of your corporate data online through a powerful modular data access and transformation framework, lighting up accessibility and visibility to data siloed within all of your platforms, storage infrastructure, and enterprise applications.  It can be used for cloud migrations, data transformation, or as an instrument for application retirement.  It integrates with Detect to allow any data source to be activated as a target for analytics.  It also integrates with Archive so that data, structured or unstructured, can be accessed, augmented and transitioned for compliant preservation.


  • Detect delivers cutting-edge data analytics and deep insight across all of the data held with the entire corporate data estate.  Built on a powerful analytics engine, a super scalable architecture, and a rich, intuitive interface, it provides democratized, self-service analytics tooling that can be used by almost anyone within an organization.  It builds on the absolute connectivity provided by Connect to allow any data source, no matter how large or complex, to be mapped, modeled, and controlled.  It also provides bilateral integration with Archive, allowing analyzed and classified data to be moved into a compliant preservation lifecycle or be used to analyze and augment data already held in Archive.  “You cannot manage your data if you do not know what it is.” 


  • Archive capabilities allow all regulated, litigated or business-critical data, communications, or documents to be preserved in a highly compliant enterprise-scale data archiving platform.  This can be deployed to any infrastructure or cloud platform, including hybrid deployment, and provides a powerful suite of end-user access and search tools as well as an advanced eDiscovery application for rapid case-driven enterprise search or litigation support.  The Archive can also be integrated directly with Connect to allow any data, structured or unstructured to be ingested, preserved, and made available.  The Archive also works seamlessly with Detect to allow data analyzed by Detect to be ingested automatically, or have any data held in Archive to be profiled by Detect for advanced insights.  All of the data held in the Archive can be placed under powerful automated lifecycle policies. 

Zantaz EAS also provides additional archiving value, flexibility, and related resources - including professional services, managed services, support & maintenance, and adaptive hosting solutions for our customers worldwide. 


Previously called Enterprise Archive Solution, EAS was originally developed by EDUCOM TS, Inc., an Ottawa-based software development firm. The first release of EAS occurred on March 15, 2000. And now, on January 1, 2022, Zantaz EAS proudly introduced our new flagship EAS Unified Data Stack featuring our market-leading Connect, Detect, and Archive technologies.

2022 - Zantaz EAS introduces our EAS Unified Data Stack with our proprietary Connect, Detect, and Archive technologies.

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